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Commonly available Doctor Blades consist of 3 basic product lines: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, and Ceramic coated.

Carbon steel blades are typically used in print applications where Toluene based inks are in use. This is because the solubility and dispersion of Toluene is very good, providing sufficient lubrication for the blade and cylinder. However, due to more stringent regulations in food packaging, Toluene free inks are becoming more prevalent. Toluene free inks, such as water, or alcohol/acetate based inks do not provide sufficient lubrication which can result in streaking on the gravure cylinder. Additional print problems can also occur due to corrosion on none coated Carbon steel blades.

None coated stainless steel blades address the corrosion issue but may not resolve print problems relating to reduced lubrication.

To offset the lack of lubrication exhibited from none toluene based inks a coated doctor blade may be utilised. Coated blades have a lower friction coefficient than standard carbon steel blades and can help to mitigate common print problems as well as contribute to extended cylinder life. AD is committed to continued development of our blades and coatings to suit the stringent quality requirements of our customers.

It is our mission to supply, in conjunction with our partners, the best quality doctor blades and service possible. Furthermore, we are committed to developing our products to meet our customerís needs in a constantly evolving market.

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