BREYER is one of the world leading company involved in development and manufacturing of sophisticated extrusion systems for the plastic processing industry. BREYER, located in Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany, is successfully activ in an world wide market since over 60 years .

 Sheet extrusion lines
for the manufacturing of transparent sheet for optical and LED applications. Sheet for technical and thermoforming applications.

 Flat film extrusion lines
for manufacturing film for optical and technical applications. Extrusion lines for solar film for encapsulation purpose as well as film and sheet for thermoforming. Calender for processing of LiB film, resp. electrodes for batteries.

 Flat sheet dies
for film and sheet for a number of different applications.

In the range of crystal-clear sheets customers produce worldwide highest quality, capturing new markets with first-class products. You can choose from our sheet lines for conventional crystal-clear sheets, optical sheets and for LED use (LGP Light Guided Panels)
BREYER sheet extrusion lines  for the production of technical sheets, made of ABS, ASA, PW, TPU and Engineering Plastics are extremely flexible. We offer you established systems engineering for plain, embossed, mono- or co-extruded and other individual products:

 Extrusion without pre-drying

 Fast roll exchange device

 Quick and reproducible roll gap adjustment

 Bank measuring system

 Calender roll recognition

 Cutting devices

 Stacking solutions

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