Plastic Processing and Machinery


Melt pressure sensors

Gefran offers precision devices for measuring process variables: temperature, power, pressure and position. The primary elements are produced in clean rooms protected from any interference and equipped with hi-tech instrumentation.

Gefran’s industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure the pressure of fluids (liquid or gaseous) in the applications required. In particular, Melt pressure transducers are dedicated to applications involving high process temperatures up to 540 °C.

 Plastics and its transformation processes unequivocally identify who Gefran is and what it does: plastics has always been one of our primary sectors. Careful development of new products, plus an innate approach to serving customers, have made Gefran the leader on a global and constantly more competitive market.

Gefran’s proposal for the plastics market consists of an extensive choice of automation devices for machine control, a complete range of sensors and a dedicated motion line, all of which are distinguished by efficiency, good value, practicality, and easy installation.
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