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Measurement Technology

Transducers for Pressure and Temperature

· Long life

· High quality

· Quick delivery

· Superior value                 

· Mercury-free sensors available

· Custom-built sensors

· Worldwide distribution

· Repair program

The assurance of product quality and reliability is of increasing importance in the plastics extrusion industry. Superior performance is now defined by precise accuracy, extended life, and robust design for challenging environments.

Gneuss Measurement Technology products for polymer processing industries meet the highest requirements. Top quality raw materials, constant and stringent quality control and advanced manufacturing methods mean that our transducers are among the best products on the market.
We take pride in innovation and our philosophy is to exceed our customer’s requirements for advanced, economical, and environmentally friendly technology. The standard Gneuss transducers are compatible – and therefore interchangeable – with standard types. Gneuss offers a "made to measure" service for custom made sensors for many applications with fast lead times.
Our products are also successfully used in the food industry, e.g. in cereal, dough and pet food production

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