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Film compactors for edge trim recycling

Packaging machines for hanging garments

Our successful history began in 1962 when Wilfried Pavel developed the first automatic packaging machine for hanging garments.
For more than 50 years, tradition and innovation have created a solid base for successful and modern machine construction. In addition to our fully automatic packaging machines for clothing, we produce and distribute conveying machinery and special purpose machines built to high technical specifications.

With the production of our patented foil compactors and vacuum plants  we set new Benchmarks in the  recycling of foil waste.

The quality of our products is widely  known to be consistent and reliable.  All of which gives the customer  assurance of a safe investment.

 The film material that is to be compacted is collected through a pipe system into the intake channel of the machine and pressed into the compacting chamber by a compacting piston. The subsequent material pushes the highly compacted stripes of the film further through the heating channel. There the surface of the resulting block of film is heat-sealed all around, ensuring that the material stays compressed. The resulting continuous strand is cut to the desired and adjusted length by a trimming mechanism. The modular design of the machine allows the dimensioning of the heating and suction performance as well as the integration and electronic communication within the existing site according to the application and customer’s requirements.


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